After uploading an audio file, users typically trim the audio down to their desired clip. However,  some users have found that the audio clip chosen during editing is different than the one in the completed video. 

This issue is caused by using an mp3 file with variable bit rate encoding. 

MP3 files which are encoded as variable bit rate have no indexing to sync the frames. This causes issues when editing/trimming within a web browser.

So, you will find that it works fine when playing it from start to end, but once you start jumping around, it will get out of sync. This web page illustrates the issue with playback within the browser 

This is a problem that is inherent in variable bit rate MP3 and web browser technologies, not Wavve. To resolve this issue, use an mp3 file that is encoded with constant bit rate MP3, or OGG (OGG variable bit rate has support for indexing and scrubbing operations).

Changing the bit rate for your mp3 file will depend on the audio production software that you used to create the file. Please refer to their appropriate support docs for information on how to export your audio file with constant bit rate. 

For more information on variable bit rate vs constant bit rate, head here.

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