Instagram can be an amazing channel for sharing your content. However, sharing video files created by Wavve can be tricky because Instagram only allows you to upload video files via the mobile app. 

For Those with Android Devices:

1. Wavve sends you an email with a link to your video. Access that email from your phone and download the video.

2. Post to Instagram from your phone.

For Those with iOS Devices:

The easiest way to post to Instagram is to get your Wavve video from your Mac computer to your iPhone using Airdrop.

Using Airdrop

  1. From the My Videos page, download the video you want to share to Instagram from your Mac. 
  2. Play the video file using Quicktime.
  3. Click the "Airdrop" icon and save the video to your Airdrop account in the cloud: 

    4. Access the file via Airdrop on your iPhone:

Posting To Instagram Via Desktop

The Wavve Team uses Buffer to post Wavve videos to Instagram. Buffer is an online tool that helps you manage scheduled posts to Facebook, Instagram, etc., and will also allow you to post videos directly to Instagram (for free). 

Buffer even allows you to directly schedule to Instagram (no mobile app needed) if you use an Instagram business account (personal profiles are not eligible and must use the third party mobile app). 

Unfortunately, iOS devices do not allow videos to be downloaded via a link. Instead, you will need to email the video to yourself as an attachment. You can then save the attachment to your iPhone camera roll and post directly to Instagram.

If you need additional assistance, create a support case and we will be in touch!

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