A common question we get is "How long should my video be?". Unfortunately, there isn't a perfect answer. How long it should be largely depends on where you want to share the video. Each social platform has its own tendencies & averages for video viewing. 

Below are a few guidelines to follow (should you want some direction):

Instagram posts only support up to 1 minute of video in total. Keep it under 1 minute for Instagram. 

Facebook supports up to 45 minutes for video uploads. However, most Wavve users find videos lasting between 1 - 3 minutes to be the most effective.

Twitter supports videos of up to 2:20 in length. Twitter moves very fast so keeping your videos under 45 seconds would be ideal. 

Youtube: No recommendations.

When is support available?

Read this link for support hours: https://support.wavve.co/en/articles/5373873-when-is-support-available-to-help-me

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