When editing your design, the Text option allows you to add custom text to your design. You can customize the font, size, placement, etc. of the text using the bottom menu.

To add text, click the Text option in the Wavve editor and select the font style options you'd like from the bottom menu. 

When you're done choosing options for the text, click Insert Text

Once the text box appears on the design canvas, double click it to edit. You can add multiple lines of text as well. 

Note: Text cannot be edited if you created a premade design. This is because premade designs are turned into one large image after they are created. In this case, you will need to remake the design. We suggest using the Design By Scratch option if you need to edit designs in the future.

When is support available?

Read this link for support hours: https://support.wavve.co/en/articles/5373873-when-is-support-available-to-help-me

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