As many of use know, people watch videos on social media with mute on consistently. That's why adding captions to your videos can be so important. 

Thanks to our integration with Zubtitle, you can easily add captions to any video that you create within Wavve, without leaving the app! Here is how to do it. 

Prepare Your Design Accordingly

When creating or editing a design from the My Designs page, use the "Preview with Captions" feature to see exactly what your design will look like once captions are added. 

Important: At this time, captions will always be displayed in the lower portion of your video and expand the full width. We plan on launching more customization options going forward. 

Once your design is ready, click Save. 

Generate Your Wavve Video (As Usual)

Now you can use your saved Design on the Create Page to turn an audio clip into a video. The video file will include your static image, the waveform, and your audio. 

Choose your design, upload your audio file, and trim it down as needed.

Add Captions To Your Generated Video

There are two places you can kick off the caption generating process:

Click "Get Transcription"

Edit The Transcript & Adjust Caption Timing

Save & Create Your New Video

Use the "Save" & "Create Video" buttons at the top of the screen to create a new version of your video with Captions. 

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