As many of us know, people watch videos on social media with the mute on consistently. That's why adding captions to your videos can be so important. 

Thanks to our integration with Zubtitle, you can easily add captions to any video that you create within Wavve, without leaving the app! Here is how to do it.

Add Captions To Your Generated Video

The following directions will need to be completed for each video. Unfortunately, caption text cannot be moved between videos at this time.

Locate the video that you want to add captions to in the My Videos section of your account. Click the More drop-down box. Then click Add captions.

Click "Create Transcription"

Edit the Captions

After a transcript is made for your video, you may need to edit the text.

Make sure you are on the Edit Captions pane to edit the text for your transcriptions. If you do not see the text editor, you may be on the Style Captions pane.

Use the text editor to correct words or spelling, add or remove punctuation, or create or change time stamps.

If you want to edit the time placement of a time stamp, click on double column of dots and use the arrow keys that appear to adjust the time stamp.

If you want to add a new time stamp, click anywhere in the text you want to add that time stamp to place a cursor in that location. Then click the + button on the right hand side of the editor.

Note how the time stamp has been added.

Edit Caption Styles

After the text for your captions have been edited, you can adjust their styling. Caption styles let you change the color and font of text, highlights and shadows, and alignment and positions. To begin editing the caption styles, click on the Style Captions tab next to the Edit Captions tab.

There are three preset caption styles: Focused, Minimal, and Outspoken. Start by choosing one of the default options by clicking the + button under the default style you prefer.

The Style Editor has three main categories of options: Font, Color, and Layout.

Change the options in each category to adjust the captions. After all changes have been made, click the Save button at the bottom of the Style Editor. This is important! If you do not save the styles, your settings will not be added to the captions when the video with captions is generated.

Any style you edit and save will be available to use with other videos. Any saved styles will appear above the default styles in the Style Editor.

Save & Create Your New Video

Use the "Save" & "Create Video" buttons at the top of the screen to create a new version of your video with Captions.

Locating Your Video With Captions

After you press the Create Video button, a new video with captions will be generated. Your original video without captions will not be edited or deleted.

Captions may take some time to generate depending on the length of the video. If a video becomes stuck during the caption generation process, please reach out to support through the chat system for further assistance.

While a video is generating captions, you will see a progress notification under the thumbnail of that video. Once the video has been completed, that notification will disappear.

After captions have been completed, you will now have two download options under the More drop-down box: Download and Download Without Captions. Select Download to download the video with captions.

When is support available?

Read this link for support hours:

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