On a rare occasion you may receive a warning from your browser that your Wavve Link page is insecure while using a custom domain. This issue occurs because the SSL certificate for Wavve is not matching your domain. 

There is an easy way to fix this. You will need to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare has a free service that allows you to apply flexible SSL certifications for your domain if your domain registrar does not support that feature.

First, create an account with Cloudflare. After creating a Cloudflare account, Cloudflare will walk you through some initial steps.

After you complete the new account creation process in Cloudflare, you will need to update the Name Servers in your domain registrar to point your domain settings to Cloudflare. You can find the Name Servers for your Cloudflare account in your Cloudflare dashboard under the DNS tab.

Please note that the Name Servers in the screenshot above may not reflect the Name Servers configured for your account in Cloudflare. Please ensure that you are using the proper Name Servers by checking your Cloudflare dashboard.

Updating your Name Servers in your Domain Registrar's account can take up to 24 hours. Though it's often completed in only a few hours, please understand DNS changes can take up to 24 hours for any DNS provider.

After your Name Servers are updated, add the CNAME records for your domain in the same DNS tab in your Cloudflare account dashboard. Please visit this page for more information regarding the CNAME settings.

Once the DNS settings have been changed and saved, click on the SSL/TLS tab at the top of your Cloudflare dashboard.

On the SSL/TLS page, make sure that 'Flexable' is checked.

This setting applies within minutes.

After the DNS entries spread through the internet (this process can take up to 24 hours) you should no longer receive an in-secure error. 

If you continue to receive an error that your Wavve Link page is insecure while using your custom domain, try testing your Wavve Link page with a different browser or a cell phone. Your browser may be caching prior settings. 

If you continue to have an issue, reach out to support through the chat system. We are always happy to help!

When is support available?

Read this link for support hours: https://support.wavve.co/en/articles/5373873-when-is-support-available-to-help-me

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