You can use your podcast's RSS feed to add podcast episodes directly into Wavve without having to upload your audio file from your computer.

A podcast RSS feed is a link that tells podcast websites, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify, where to find your podcast.

Before being able to add your podcast episode to Wavve, you will need to add the RSS feed for your podcast episode in the Wavve Link page settings in your account.

First, go to the Wavve Link settings in your account. Then add the RSS feed for your podcast in the Podcast RSS Feed settings and press the Save Podcast Info button.

If you need help locating your RSS feed from popular podcast hosts, take a look at these links:




After you add your RSS feed to the Wavve Link settings in your account, you will be able to select and use individual podcast episodes to create videos on the Create New page without having to upload an audio file.

To use one of your podcast episodes to create a video, first, go to the Create New page. Then on Step 2, 'YourAudio', select RSS and then click on the 'Select Episode' box. This will give you a list of your most recent podcast episodes. Click on a podcast episode to use that podcast episode as your audio file.

After selecting a podcast episode, make sure you have a design selected and press the Generate Video button to create your video.

If you need assistance in creating a video, take a look at this video for assistance.

If you need help selecting a snippet of your podcast episode, take a look at this video.

When is support available?

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