Once you have paid for Wavve's services, there are no monetary refunds. However, in special cases, you can be credited back in minutes.

Due to the immediacy of using our service in full for the purchase period and our encouragement to try it out for free on our Free Plan before making a purchase decision, we believe there is ample time to trial our software to ensure a good fit making refunding unnecessary with the exception of very rare situations.

We also make it clear at purchase and in receipts that Wavve is a subscription monthly or annually. For annual plans, we notify you over email prior to your annual renewal so you have plenty of time to cancel if you do not want to continue your service.

If you pause your plan, you are agreeing to resume payment in one or two months. During that period, you can cancel your subscription permanently in your Wavve account prior to a charge.

When is support available?

Read this link for support hours: https://support.wavve.co/en/articles/5373873-when-is-support-available-to-help-me

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