Finding the RSS feed for a podcast can be difficult. Many people don’t realize that the entire podcast industry is built on an old technology called an RSS feed. An RSS feed is a specialized link that contains the information for a podcast. Podcast networks and podcast player apps depend on that RSS feed to work correctly. Without that RSS feed, podcast apps and podcast players won’t know where to find podcast episodes.

One of the best features in Wavve is that you can use an RSS feed to load your podcast episode into your Wavve account. This can be a time-saving feature since you don’t have to track down and upload your audio file itself to Wavve. However, finding the RSS feed for your podcast or another podcast you were a guest on is not always easy. We have many customers who ask for assistance finding these RSS feeds, so we will walk through some of the tactics that we use to find them.

Reach Out to the Owners of the Podcast

Finding the RSS feed for a podcast might be as easy as reaching out to the owners of that podcast. Unfortunately, sometimes RSS feeds are not readily visible on the web. The owners of a podcast will always have access to their RSS feed, though. Likewise, there are no security risks with sharing that RSS feed with others. In fact, it benefits the podcast by sharing the RSS feed for it.

Reaching out to the podcast owners might be the slowest option, but it is also the easiest option. Most podcasts have social media accounts. Reach out to the podcast through those social media accounts if you cannot find a way to chat or email with the podcast hosts directly.

Most podcast websites have their RSS feeds listed

Most podcasts have a website, and that website has links where people can find and listen to the podcast. One of the links usually listed on the website for podcasts is the RSS feed. So look on the website for the podcast for that RSS feed.

Most podcast websites will have a section called ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Listen to our show.’ Look for this section. The links to the various podcast syndicate networks will most likely be on this page.

Ultimately you are looking for a link that says RSS or has an orange icon with waves that look like a WiFi signal in it.

Subscribe via RSS

You can typically find the website for a podcast simply by Googling it.

Try using this website:

What does a podcast RSS feed look like?

Though a podcast RSS feed URL might look like a standard website address, it is far from it. A podcast RSS feed is in the form of XML. XML is a language used to describe specific parameters like the download link for a podcast episode or the cover art for a podcast episode.

You can access a podcast’s RSS feed through your browser, but it may be a little challenging to read. A typical podcast RSS feed looks like this:

How to Find Your Own Podcast RSS Feed

All podcast hosts provide the RSS feed for your podcast, though that RSS feed might be hidden a bit. Below are links to support articles to the more popular podcast host for finding your RSS feed. If you do not see your podcast host listed below, you may need to contact your podcast host for information on where to find your RSS feed.











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