Videos may appear blurry for a variety of reasons after Wavve generates them. There are a lot of variables that affect video quality. Unfortunately, Wavve cannot offer a one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, here are a few common reasons why videos may appear blurry.

Check Your Image Resolution

If the image you use in your design has a lower resolution, the final video may look blurry. This is because your image will need to be stretched to fit the frame of your video.

If you are unsure if your image is a low resolution, upload your image to your design from scratch. If you need to resize your image to fit the frame of your design in Wavve, your image is most likely a low resolution.

In this case, you will need to re-export your image. Resizing the image you are currently trying to use in Wavve will result in the same stretched and fuzzy look.

Check Your Template Design Size

Videos in Wavve are created at the exact resolution as your design. Designs have pre-set resolutions that industry standards. We offer designs in both 720P and 1080P resolutions. If you are using a template for your design with a 1280x720 resolution, try remaking your design as a 1920x1080 design instead. You may need to remake your video for this.

Your Video Was Recently Uploaded to Social Media

Social Media websites will compress and resize videos after they are posted. They do this so an optimized video can be streamed to your audience. Unfortunately, while social media platforms create these multiple copies of your video, they will only stream the lowest quality version of your video. Try viewing your video on your social media platform again in a couple of hours.

My Video Still Looks Fuzzy on Social Media

First, try viewing your video from a different computer and internet connection. Social media platforms stream videos based on how fast it thinks your internet connection is. They don’t always get it right. You made need to try using a different computer and internet connection to verify whether your video still looks fuzzy.

If your video still looks fuzzy after testing it on social media with a different computer and internet connection, post your video again from your computer instead of your smartphone. Smartphones will compress videos when uploading them to apps and websites. This will cause your video to be fuzzy on social media. Windows and Mac OS X do not do this. Upload your video to social media with your computer instead.

Also, make sure to download a new copy of your video from Wavve to your computer as well. Transferring your video to your computer from your smartphone may cause the same compression issues depending on how that video was shared.

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